Classic Car Parts Net is a website for selling used and new parts for classic cars. All sales are private sales. No VAT is being charged and no invoice is included.

All parts are used unless specified otherwise!
All prices are in euros and do not include shipping.

All pictures shown are from the actual products on sale!

You can contact us at sales@classiccarpartsnet.nl

Why do I have these parts?

In the past twenty years I have owned various Porsche 924 and 944 and have gained a lot of experience with that type of Porsche. I am currently in the final phase of a complete restoration of a Porsche 944 Turbo. Over the years I have built up a fairly large stock of used and new original Porsche parts. Some new parts have been acquired from Porsche dealers cleaning up their stock. The parts that I cannot use for my own Porsche I offer for sale via this website. They concern both new and used parts that are all in good condition. If a part has some damage, it will be mentioned on the website in text and on the pictures. The pictures are of the parts that are actually being offered. If I offer several identical parts, then each part will have its own pictures taken.

Are returns accepted?

This concerns private sales. All sales are final. I give no guarantee and expect you to find out for yourself if a part is suitable for your car. In itself I do not accept returns, but always contact me if you are not satisfied. I will do everything in my power to remove your discontent.


Payment can be made via PayPal or bank transfer.


Shipping takes place via PostNL and in most cases only costs € 6.50 (within the Netherlands). After payment, the package will almost always be sent the next day at the latest. You will receive a track and trace code for a package (for domestic shipments). For shipments to Belgium and Germany, a traceable package can be sent for an additional charge. Shipping to Belgium without a track and trace starts at € 9.95. With track and trace starts at € 13,--.

Are all parts I am offering on the website?

No! If you cannot find a part on the website, you can send me an email. If I don't have it, I can often refer you to other Porsche 944 part providers.